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Building Success

We are a leadership consulting firm focused on teaching business owners how to utilize their practice to create wealth and build a legacy. Most business owners have an accountant, a financial adviser, business manager, and more. Successful businesses know how to bring these together. Tower Leadership was created to combine these different advisers.

If you hire a consultant, they might increase your revenues, but then what? Most people spend what they make, even in a business. Therefore, you work harder and have more stuff but usually you are no better off and feel more stressed.

According to the ADA, 96% of doctors retire with less income than what they made before retirement; we want to change this!

We Piece It All Together

Imagine having the peace of mind that your family will be well cared for and you’ll have time to spend with them.

Imagine knowing for certain your practice isn’t just surviving but thriving—growing into the business you have worked so hard to create.

Imagine confidently knowing when you’ll retire and how your life will look during that phase.

This is not a fairy tale. It’s possible, and it’s practical.

Tower Leadership will show you how to grow your practice while still taking quality time for yourself and family. With your practice as the main asset, you can create a sound financial plan. The right accounting tools will help you make sense of the numbers so you can increase practice growth.

How do you do this? By reinvesting in your practice. We can help you find tax-efficient ways to reinvest in your practice. You will have a better understanding of your business, finances, and wealth. Let’s face it: How much do you really understand about your numbers right now? It’s your business. You should not only understand these numbers, but have the ability to use them strategically to plan for success.