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We call it a proven process, because we have seen our trustworthy programs work time and time again. Hundreds of private dental practices have doubled their revenue, paid off houses and buildings within a short period of time, grew a bigger and more efficient leadership team, created a self-managed organization, have margin of time, and created a lasting legacy.


“In two days, I have a better understanding of my office as a business.  I was able to leave the meeting with tools and a plan to immediately implement. These areas include improving office procedures, management, team building, and patient growth. I look forward to the immediate and long term success.”

Dr. Thomas Bryan

“Informative and eye-opening way to look at my practice truly as a business and how to take it to the next level.”

Dr. Shane Downey

“A great workshop. Eric’s approach to wealth is eye opening. Really liked his progressive approach and simplicity. I also wanted to say thanks to his great team.”

Dr. Hassan Moeti

“Attending this conference was very informative! My husband and I often felt like we were fighting our way through a dark, over-grown jungle in our office. In two days, Eric and his team gave us hope that we have the ability to tame our jungle. We are excited about our practice and financial future for the first time in a very long time.”

Mrs. Anissa Downey

“Great crash course on finance, My CFO father has attempted for years to explain these concepts to me without luck at me understanding. In two days, I’ve learned more about business and obtaining wealth than I have from my father, accountant, financial planner or boyfriend (who has 2 successful start-ups). I thought I just did not understand business, turns out I just didn’t have the right teacher.”

Dr. Stephanie Sweeney

“Thank you for coming into my life! The past few days have been eye-opening in every aspect of my life (business and personal). I have already learned more about what steps I need to take for future success than I have my entire life. I can’t wait to continue growing with your team by my side.”

Dr. Binita Changakakoty

“Our practice is growing steadily but I was feeling fatigued after a major office construction project. Eric and his team were like a shot of adrenaline to re-energize my passion. Eric is the core for your dental business apothy. Me summing up Eric Morin: Dream Big or Go Home!”

Dr. Chet Swartzentruber

“I was tired of all the same advice I was getting from CPA’s and financial planners. I knew there had to be something/ someone better out there who thought differently. I’m glad I found Eric because he thinks outside the box and he has the big picture mentality coupled with big dreams/ passions.”

Dr. Jay Kansal

“What a phenomenal 2 day event. The information presented was shown with great enthusiasm and passion. SO much to learn form Eric, Lauren and Matthew. I only wish I had known about the team and Tower Leadership when I bought my first practice.”

Dr. Todd Brown

“Phenomenal program. I wish that I could have taken this course years ago as it really creates a paradigm shift in how I view my practice, patient, team and the process of trying to create a better life for all of us.”

Dr. Jamie Maholick

“I enjoyed Eric awaking a sleeping giant in me.  I have felt like a ship with no rudder.  His steps have cleared the fog, giving me the focus I need to succeed”

Dr. Jonathan Strange

“Eric is phenomenal! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for several years, and most recently, working with his team at Tower Leadership as I’m getting ready to launch my practice. The information, advice, and personal and professional council I’ve received have been exceptional- and we’re just getting started! I have complete confidence that my practice will continue to grow at an accelerated pace as he and his team guide me through the ins and outs of successful business ownership, and I am looking forward to a continued partnership with Tower Leadership!”

Dr. Anna Schultz

“This was a great workshop, very energetic, personal & informative. I feel like I can take just the introductory ideas back to my practice and start change right away. The workshop helped me realize the things I want to do in my practice are achievable and that there are other people out there with the same mind set. We can be successful! I enjoyed all of your guys personality and help. Thank you for helping me believe.”

Dr. Hope Still


During our latest Foundation Workshop, our CEO Eric J. Morin talks about how the doctors that take advantage of this time will be the ones that come out of this period successful. 


In this special presentation, Tower Leadership’s CEO Eric J. Morin describes why 95% of dentists retire with less income than while they were working.  Throughout this presentation, Eric shows the math that Dentists aren’t being shown and how they can capitalize on the information.

In this presentation for The Georgia Academy of General Dentistry, Tower Leadership’s CEO Eric J. Morin describes the difference from the top 1% of doctors and everyone else.

Tower Leadership’s CEO Eric J. Morin shows you the importance of being a servant leader and running your business like this can build a long term practice that stands the tests of time.

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