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There is an art and science behind the meaning of "Leadership", and what is considered genuine and of good quality is a heavily practiced skill. The importance of leadership is more than just having a manager or delegator of tasks. The role of leadership is to inspire growth in those around you and to ask better questions about strategy and implementation in order to achieve a better result! It's not enough to continue with the status quo when our regularly scheduled processes are not meeting our high standards. Leaders must find a better way. That's where Tower Leadership comes in. I noticed a lack of understanding around the concept, as well as an inability to train people effectively to become great leaders. So, I decided to find a better way to help offices and teams build the leaders they so desperately needed at a time when circumstances often seemed bleak.

All we needed was a deeper understanding of the inner-workings of leadership and to begin asking better questions. The four Rs of leadership is a terrific place to start considering your own level of leadership. Place yourself on a spectrum of these four qualities and define how you can become better.

  • Representation: How we show up is extremely important, not only to our self-representation, but also to the way we represent those around us. There is an intentionality to the way we show up and it should be consistent to the standards with which we hold our organizations. Leadership is not meant to be comfortable. Your team is watching you, and believe it or not, they are making judgements based on what they see. What are you doing to prepare daily to show up in a way that inspires people to keep showing up for you?
  • Resilience: There is no denying that leadership does not come easy. In fact, sometimes it is just down-right difficult. It is a learned skill that requires constant fine-tuning and growth. Being a resilient leader means taking the good with the bad and learning from past mistakes to achieve a better outcome in the future. Resiliency, the ability to quickly recover from difficulties, is key to successful leadership.
  • Remedy: Ask yourself a better question to reach a better outcome. How can things be more efficient? Who is the right person for each role in your business? Do you have the right team to complete tasks effectively and efficiently? What steps can you take to be better everyday? Finding a complete solution for the challenges you face is going to require some creativity, but it will take your reactive business model and create a proactive day-to-day process for exceptional results.
  • Results: Every business owner wants results. It is by understanding and implementing the four Rs of leadership that gets you there. Put away the calculators and balance sheets. How are you inspiring and leading your team to get the results you want? Place yourself somewhere on a spectrum of these qualities and measure your progress daily to see how you can further increase your ability to lead the people around you.

Being a great leader is more than just being a boss. Leadership is the art of inspiring others to show up for you and make awesome things happen! Some great questions to ask yourself when exemplifying leadership to your team:

  • Can I count on you?
  • Can I depend on you?
  • Can I trust you?

If you can answer all of these questions truthfully, and be confident in the answers you would get from your team, then you are already aware of your ability to lead well. Also, keep in mind that leaders never stop growing. Leadership is always becoming and there is always a next step to take toward greatness.

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