The Frustration Gap | How to Grow a Dental Practice
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What do you believe you can accomplish with your business? What impact do you believe you could have on your community? Now, what’s holding you back from accomplishing that amazing goal? I’d say it’s got something to do with the frustration gap. It’s where your headaches originate and the source of your problems.

I’ve worked with countless dental practices that have hit their organizational ceiling because of the frustration gap. I know how defeating it is to have an amazing vision for your practice and then deal with pushback from a team member who doesn’t want to grow along with you. That’s what this article is for. I want to help you avoid that frustration gap and continue to work efficiently with the right talented team for your vision!

Frustration gap: the inefficiencies that occur in a business when one person wants to grow, and another person stays the same. It is the gap between reality and expectation that halts productivity and limits growth. That’s where rigorous standards come in.

Exhibiting rigorous standards to your team starts from within. It all comes down to mindset! Start with the story you tell yourself. What do you believe you can

accomplish? Think about it, everything you’ve ever accomplished in this life started as a motivated thought. By creating a compelling story about your true potential, your standards being to rise! When you cultivate a mindset of rigorous standards for yourself, you’ll see those standards take root in your life, marriage, health, business and beyond!

One of my cardinal philosophies is that you attract what you become. What are you attracting? As the CEO of your practice, your standards for yourself must be so high that the compound effect takes place; everything affects everything else. Meaning, know what you are GOING to accomplish, who is going to help you accomplish it and what it’s going to take to make it

happen! As your standards rise, your expectations for everyone else begin to rise as well. By implementing a plan of action around your rigorous standards, your organizational ceiling will continue to rise, and you’ll see imminent growth within in your organization.

As Jim Collins once said, the difference between good organizations and great organizations is that GREAT organizations have rigorous standards. Implementing these new standards with your team will most assuredly expose the people who don’t want to grow; the people who are just in it for a paycheck. These people don’t share your vision and are only holding you back from breaking through your organizational ceiling. Let these people be successful somewhere else. Your focus is now on building the right team to get EXCITED about your vision for your practice! Trust me, you’re A-team is out there, and they want to be a part of your vision!

So, what are your uncompromisable rigorous standards for your practice? Write them down as MUSTS,

not shoulds. And remember, it’s by raising standards that everything else begins to change.

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